Thomas Spoerndle

Polyrhythmic Landscape, Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, NY 2018

I am interested in creating a dynamic relationship between the tentative pictorial space of geometric abstraction, the physical and phenomenological properties of painting materials and the conditional possibilities of how the experience and comprehension of a painting unfolds over time. My current practice consists of paintings using both un-stretched and stretched canvas, works on paper and wall drawing/painting installations. Using a focused visual language of shape and color I develop various approaches to making paintings through the exploration of painting materials. In my current practice they included masking off shapes and building them up with layers of gesso to create relief, suspending canvas off the wall, cutting shapes out from the canvas to reveal reflected color, and painting shapes on the reverse of canvas prepared with clear medium so that they become visible through the weave of the material. Creating these dynamic relationships between shape, color, material and physical space allows me to explore different avenues of how communication functions with in my visual language and to create works that act as meditations on the basic nature of human perception.

Thomas Spoerndle is an artist working and living in New York City