Thomas Spoerndle

I am interested in creating a dynamic relationship between the tentative pictorial space of geometric abstraction, the physical and phenomenological properties of painting materials and the conditional possibilities of how the comprehension of a painting unfolds in time and space. Recently, my focus has been the development of active compositions in small scale paintings and large- scale painting/wall drawing installations. Both utilize the focused visual language of geometric shapes and primary colors I have used over the past decade. The small-scale works explore the potential for simple color/shape relationships to create a complex sense of visual space. Using these compositions as a starting point, the painting/wall drawing installations further my exploration of how visual space in painting relates to the structure and physicality of painting materials; the installations create a unified sense of visual space while simultaneously creating a fractured sense of physical space. Creating these dynamic relationships between shape, color, material and physical space has allowed me to explore different avenues of how objectivity and subjectivity function with in my visual language and to create works that act as meditations on the basic nature of human perception.

Thomas Spoerndle is an artist working and living in New York City